Tree Tips

The Great Falls climate is semi-arid with a fair amount of wind and dramatic extremes in temperature. These conditions can be hard on trees. When trees become stressed, they may become vulnerable to disease and insects. If you suspect one of your trees might be struggling, it is very important to have a Certified Arborist diagnose the problem and recommend a course of action. For example, those little white spots you see on some evergreens are actually a tiny insect and establishes itself very slowly but may over the years may kill the tree.


Let’s say you have an American Elm, bred to be disease-resistant to Dutch Elm disease. That does not mean it is immune from everything, such as aphids or other pests. Any many things that affect trees in Central Montana could heal themselves given time and little extra care. The only way to be sure is call a professional with experience to check things out for you.


Tree Amigos Inc. is a business that has been in one family for many generations—a great place to start when your trees need some attention.